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The Finishing Touch...


All Palmer components and tubing are solid brass, far superior to “white metal”, aluminum, or steel which are prone to oxidation and rust. Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is the perfect base metal to receive lustrous chrome and nickel plating. While more expensive than many other metals, brass has historically been the ideal choice for achieving exceptional surface finish and detail.

Our chrome and nickel Plated finishes are architectural grade, consistent with the quality of premium decorative plumbing fixtures and are guaranteed for life for residential use. The custom PVD finishes (Physical Vapor Deposition) incorporate a coating of very hard, specialized material that provides a durable, care-free, and lasting color tone. The Living finishes offer an ever-changing patina, as their tone and luster will gracefully age with time and unique environmental conditions. The Palmer Acrylic rod is custom produced domestically to our specifications, providing a crystal clear, jewelry like detail (available in 1.5"-diameter only).

The Plated Finishes... Luxurious Luster or Satin Sheen

Polished Chrome
Polished Nickel Un-Lacquered
Satin Nickel Un-Lacquered
Semi Matte Black Powder Coat

The Custom PVD Finishes... Durable, Colorful and Care-Free Finishing Technology

Polished Brass PVD
Satin Brass PVD
Polished Gold PVD
Satin Gold PVD

The Living Finishes... Aging with Beauty, Grace, and a Rich Patina

Polished Brass Un‑Lacquered
Aged Brass Un‑Lacquered
Oil Rubbed Bronze Un-Lacquered

Solid Acrylic Rod... Not a Finish but a Material with Exciting Possibilies                   Download Acrylic Fact Sheet

Perma Clear Acrylic
Seafoam Green Acrylic
Solid Black Acrylic