Any Size - Any Configuration


Custom Configurations

Custom Configurations

Because of Palmer’s unique modular design, virtually any distinguishing component can be “swapped” out for any other, creating endless possibilities of configuration.

Acrylic Rod

Acrylic rod can be substituted for any 1 1/2" metal tube, whether it be the legs, the horizontal cross bars, or both. The Palmer Acrylic is domestically-produced, cast Acrylic rod…the best available.

Reeded Tubing

The Reeded furniture leg, in which a series of rounded ridges or grooves are set vertically at regular intervals, is a classical design element modeled after ancient Greek and Roman motifs. This feature flourished in the later Neoclassical, Regency, and Empire styles that developed around the turn of the 19th century.

Curved Front Cross Bar

Many of today’s vanity counters and china sinks have curved fronts, and we have the ability to follow the line of your counter with our front horizontal crossbar. Palmer offers both standard curves and custom curves fabricated to the exact radius of your sink top.

ADA - Compliant

In order for a wheelchair to fit comfortably under our stands, the free clearance between the inside of the legs must be a minimum of 30”, and the clearance between the floor and the underside of our front horizontal cross member must be a minimum of 27”…we can satisfy both of these requirements easily for you.