Any Size - Any Configuration


Installer FAQs

1. Do Palmer stands require some assembly?
2. How are Palmer stands packaged and shipped?
3. Are assembly instructions included with the stand?
4. What hardware is included with the stand?
5. What are the critical aspects of installation?
6. How can the fit of a towel shelf be improved if the shelf supports are not set parallel?
7. Can the washstand be adjusted in size on site?
8. Can a shelf be cut on-site?
9. Can I relocate the height of the horizontal cross members?
10. Can I relocate the height of the shelf supports?
11. What if my floor is not level?
12. What if I damage a component during assembly?
13. Are small scratches on Acrylic repairable in the field?
14. Do the legs support the sink entirely by themselves?
15. How are the legs secured to the floor?
16. How are the legs secured to the bottom of the sink?
17. What overhang is recommended from the edge of the counter to the outside of the legs?
18. Can a homeowner install a Palmer leg?
19. What tools are required to install a Palmer system?
20. What care and maintenance is required?