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Attention to Detail...The Palmer Hallmark of Elegance

Palmer Industries has recently launched a new ball corner fitting with the finest detailing through the use of advanced technologies.

Our unique design consists of a center forged ball, with individual machined sockets that are attached to this center ball. Because each of these pieces is machined from solid brass rod, the fit, finish, accuracy, and consistency is phenomenal. There is not a similar fitting like this anywhere on the market today, only Palmer.

Historically, the industry standard has been to have these pieces sand cast, with all the inherent limitations associated with casting such as surface porosity, inconsistent wall thickness, and generally poor detail. Palmer Industries, not being satisfied with this level of quality, designed a fitting that could be CNC-machined from individual components.

In addition to our newly designed ball corner fitting, all of Palmer’s other components are also CNC-machined to exacting standards from solid brass rod. This process guarantees absolute consistency from part to part, ensuring perfect alignment and trouble-free assembly in the field.

All of our parts are designed and engineered by Palmer, and are unique to our line.